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Shaintels was started in 2018. The name "Shaintel" is after my grandmother Shaindel Folk a'h. After reading an article in a Jewish weekly magazine regarding ordering Wigs from China, I started helping ladies order as well. Within a year I serviced over 500 clients, selling the wigs at cost price, as low as $650 and upward. Each client gives a $50 donation that covers the cost of wigs for Kallahs who are having difficulty covering wedding expenses. Its a win win situation. Clients get wigs cost price while having the honor of helping a bride. I pride myself on obtaining quality wigs. We have a huge selection of over 100 falls and full wigs for you to try on and purchase immediately! I am privileged to have several highly talented shaitel machers offering their services for any client and kallahs at a reduced cost to keep the overall purchase affordable. We are located in Spring Valley, NY. Everybody is welcome! Looking forward to meeting you!

Chana Leah Schlisselfeld

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"I'm so upset I didn't know about you before I went and spent so much money on my kallahs wigs".

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"My shaitel macher wanted to know where I got such a stunning wig from".

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"I bought this wig four years ago, enjoyed it and now it's time for another one".

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"My kallah says that she loves her SHAINTEL wig best".


Could anybody buy from Shaintels?

Everyone is welcome to buy from Shaintels. Our goal is to make wigs affordable for all women.

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What company wigs does Shaintels sell?

Shaintels orders directly from many different factories.

How much do Shaintels wigs and falls cost?

wigs are cost at sold price so please don't ask for a discount. Shaintels falls and wigs start at $700 and go up to $1000. We ask for a $50-100 donation.

Long Blonde Woman Hair Wig

Who will cut my SHAINTEL wig?

Shaintels has several highly experienced shaitel machers who will cut your wig for $125 to keep the overall cost low.

How long will the wig last?

Shaintels wigs last as long as any other quality wig.

Does Shaintels carry my size and wig color?

Shaintels wigs come in sizes small medium large and x-large. We have many different colors In stock and hope you will find something just right for you.

Does Shaintels sell lace top or lace front wigs?

Based on the psak of Rabbi Chaim Schabes we do not sell any lace tops or lace fronts.

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Can I return my wig?

All wigs are final sale. We hope you enjoy your wig for many years but if there are any issues we do not stand behind it.

How do I pay for my wig?

Payments can be made via zelle or cash.

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What are your hours?

Appointments should be maDe on shaintels.com. if you need something specific please ask and we could try to accommodate you.

Is it true that you don't mark up the price of the wigs?

yes that is 100% true. Shaintels was started as a chesed to help the Klal. It is not a business.

Do you have a Hechsher?

no we don't but based on the psak of rabbi chaim schabes we were told that we can sell these wigs.


Help SHAINTELS sponsor beautiful wigs for qualifying kallahs.

Do you have a friend? neighbor? co-worker?

family member? who desperately needs a wig?

Give us a call to see how you can discreetly sponsor a wig.


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